Rachel Zegler May be the Fury in ‘Shazam: Fury of The Gods’

shazam fury of the gods

The first film in the Shazam! franchise was a resounding success, gaining critical acclaim across the world for Zachary Levi‘s charming and heart-warming performance as the Wizard’s champion. The sequel quickly got greenlit following the film’s opening weekend. Director David Sandberg, screenwriter Henry Gayden, and most of the first film’s cast set to return for a second round. When the first film finished, Dr. Thaddeus Sivana got locked away for the terror he wrought through the Seven Deadly Sins. Just before we left his cell, he got visited by the small and unsettling Mr. Mind, a telepathic Caterpillar. It’s currently unclear if the duo will return for the upcoming sequel, but it seems the Shazamily may have a bigger problem on their hands this time around.

The recent casting of newcomer Rachel Zegler was a brow raiser for many who couldn’t tell who she would be playing. The actress played coy on social media and poked fun at the anonymity of her role. Upon further investigation, I believe Zegler could be playing an adaption of the Shazam villain, Sabina. Sabina De La Croix was an orphan who had to watch her parents get magically burned alive in front of her. She would later go on to be discovered by the Council of Merlin after inadvertently killing a classmate out of jealousy after activating a death charm. The council analyzed determined her to be a Fury, a warrior with immense magical strength.


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On top of already being a powerful magical being, Sabina was also tenth in line to succeed as the wizard Shazam’s champion. To get there quicker, she began killing those that were next in line to achieve her goal. As such, Sabina has developed an affinity for killing and stealing the power of the Gods. She stole the strength from Hercules, killed Atlas, and even took Mercury’s speed. Sabina would be the perfect villain for the upcoming sequel and would quite literally be the Fury of the Gods and attempt to steal the powers bestowed upon Billy by the Wizard.

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