Marvel Rumored to Have Set Their Sights on a Familiar Face to Direct ‘X-Men’

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As X-Men ’97 continues to remind fans just how great Marvel’s uncanny mutant heroes and villains can be, rumored details about the studio’s upcoming live-action reboot continue to pop up. With the studio reportedly having narrowed down the list of candidates to write the film, a new rumor about a potential director for the film has emerged and while there’s been no word about Marvel Studios having talks with directors, this particular name coming up does bring some intriguing possibilities to mind.

According to the internet’s busiest leaker, My Time To Shine Hello, Marvel Studios is looking to MCU veteran director Ryan Coogler to helm their new X-Men movie.

Despite there having been no previous buzz about Marvel being ready to move forward in their search for a director for the project, the rumor about Coogler does track on multiple levels. If the previous rumor about the studio being close to selecting a writer for the film was accurate, it’s possible that Coogler could serve as both the writer and director for the film. He has filled dual roles on both of his previous MCU entries, Black Panther and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, as well as on five other films including his upcoming vampire film that will star his friend and frequent collaborator, Michael B. Jordan. Additionally, Coogler has a well-developed relationship with Disney which includes a five-year overall deal to create projects for Disney Plus. The first of those projects, the animated series Eyes of Wakanda, is expected to debut on the streaming service later this year.

Coogler already has some experience with mutants, having brought Namor into live-action in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Additionally, Coogler has shown a gift for creating and building out expansive worlds within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, something that may well be part of Marvel Studios’ plan for their iteration of the X-Men. One oft-rumored direction for the reboot involves it being inspired by Jonathan Hickman’s recent run on X-Men comics which involved a massive retcon of the history of the mutant island known as Krakoa. Should Marvel Studios indeed head in that direction with their X-Men franchise, it would certainly play to one of Coogler’s strengths. For now, it’s nothing but a rumor but it is certainly a solid match.

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