Netflix No Longer Developing ‘Bright’ Sequel

bright sequel

We’ve long wondered what exactly happened to the sequel of Bright. The 2017 film starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton may haven’t received a lot of critical acclaims, but it was still one of Netflix’s most-streamed films at the time. Many were wondering when the sequel of the modern take on a fantasy world would end up starting production, but it seemingly kept getting dragged out. Sadly, it seems that Netflix has pulled the plug on the project.

Will Smith has been losing one project after another due to the infamous slap during the Oscars. It turns out, however, that Bright’s cancelation has nothing to do with it. In a post by Bloomberg’s Lucas Shaw in relation to an article where National Geographic delayed their nature series starring Smith, he highlighted that Bright was abandoned for unrelated reasons.

Of course, this opens up the question of why they’d pass on the project. They just released Bright: Samurai Soul last year, which was an animated spinoff of the film. Perhaps they are looking to continue the franchise through that medium, as demand and costs for Smith would otherwise blow up the production costs.

Yet, you’d think that one of their most successful films would end up getting a sequel. Sadly, Netflix has developed this habit of swiftly canceling its projects which may have played a part in its current troubles.

Source: Bloomberg, Twitter

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