Oscar Isaac Practically Confirms Third ‘Moon Knight’ Personality Will Appear

Oscar Isaac is either spoiling his own show or using the red carpet to mess with Moon Knight fans across the globe. At the L.A. premiere of his new hit Disney+ series, the former Star Wars actor was asked by a reporter what it was like to portray two characters for the project. The conversation is in Spanish, but Isaac’s cheeky response translates to the rather intriguing sentence “and perhaps more than just the two”.

The continued dialogue goes as follows:

You play two extraordinary characters, how hard was it for you to..


And perhaps more than just the two. Perhaps more than two. You’ll have to watch the show.

Oscar Isaac

In the comics, the Moon Knight character typically has at least three civilian personalities at any given moment. The show has done an excellent job of covering two of them, the mercenary Marc Spector and the more posh Steven Grant. However, fans have been curious about the absence of a third personality Jake Lockley, who is usually portrayed as a New York City cab driver, and Moon Knight’s ears on the streets. While many have been quick to pick up on possible Lockley easter eggs in the show’s first episodes, this is perhaps the closest we’ve come to having any actual confirmation that the alter, who our own Mary Maerz has been theorizing about for a couple of weeks, may be on the way.

Moon Knight has currently aired two of its six episodes, which means there’s still plenty of time to introduce new concepts and characters in the home stretch. For now, however, fans can keep enjoying the fantastic performance Isaac is giving as Spector and Grant every Wednesday.

Source: Twitter

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