‘Moon Knight’ Directors Tease their Approach to ‘Loki’ Season 2

loki season 2

It was in February when we learned that the directing duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead would be taking over the upcoming second season of Loki from Kate Herron. The team just recently published their work on Archive 81 and has also been the second team to tackle Moon Knight alongside Egyptian director Mohamed Diab. We still know very little about the upcoming second season and what we can expect from the series, but luckily the duo has sat down with Collider to offer a glimpse into their approach.

After tackling the character of Moon Knight, the duo had the challenge of introducing a comic character that made his live-action debut. So, now they are happy to tackle another series revealing they were “handed that job” and highlighting what they also want to carry over from their first Disney+ series.

I mean, we’re still kind of even processing being handed that job. But I suppose what we can say about it is that we’re really, really proud of what we’ve done on Moon Knight. I think that Marvel really likes what we’re able to do on Moon Knight. And so we’re hoping to kind of take all the lessons that we learned, which are infinite, the unbelievable amount of life experience, and craft, and art that we made in Moon Knight. And we want to take all of that and kind of bundle it back together as we lead Loki.

Aaron Moorhead

Benson went on to also highlight that they have one thing together that they are both “outcasts” and that complexity adds something special to exploring these characters.

They all have complexity, but these two have complexity in being outcasts, and there’s something about that that feels very special and an honor to tackle.

Justin Benson

It certainly looks like the duo are ready to tackle their next MCU project, and are quite excited to bring the second season of Loki to life. We know that it’ll likely pick up directly where the first season ended, as Kang has taken over the TVA and no one can seemingly remember who the God of Mischief is. Sadly, it looks like we still have to wait a little bit longer before we find out.

Source: Collider

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