‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Leak Offers First Look at MCU-Inspired ‘Civil War’ Iron Man Skin and More

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Just yesterday, we covered the leaked audio files that teased what upcoming playable characters will join Marvel’s Avengers potentially in the future. As production on this game has been in a constant shift, as is usual with any live service game, it does add some excitement to know that they are potentially releasing in the future. Now, it seems that @mmmmmmmiller has potentially leaked some skins from the game that tease comic-inspired designs and Captain America: Civil War‘s Iron Man armor.

He also teased comic-inspired designs based on Thor when he was wearing a Destroyer armor, as well as Hulk inspired by one of his most iconic War storylines. Keep in mind that all these skins being showcased are low-res and very likely still in some form of development. Of course, these aren’t official announcements and are early leaks. So, these are in some form of development internally, and that doesn’t mean that they’ll release within a specific time frame.

The details on the new skins are quite impressive, and the new in-game way of gaining character skins through grinding in-game currency has added a good incentive to spend some more time with the game between updates. We will also get our hands on a new playable character in the near future with Mighty Thor, which will make for a fun new character to play. So, here’s looking forward to what the future of this game has to offer.

Source: Twitter

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