Leaked ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Audio Tease She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, and Winter Soldier

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It’s been a while since we got a leak from Marvel’s Avengers that teased any of the upcoming character additions. Just recently, we learned that they are going to add Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor as a playable character. Yet, many wondered what happened to the teases of She-Hulk, who was seemingly hinted at as the next major addition for some time. Leaker @mmmmmmmmiller has once again shared some new audio files through Vocaroo that include audio recordings for the game’s NPCs and playable characters. What makes these stand out is that they include various characters that have been hinted to become playable at some point.

The first recording includes the reference to She-Hulk with even a brief “Ms. Walters” mentioned in the audio file. These characters also reference Captain Marvel as “Captain Danvers” hinting at Carol Danvers being the version of the character getting added to the game. They also reference “Mr. Barnes” as the Winter Soldier, which also adds further hints that we’ll get Bucky Barnes added as a potential playable character. There’s also some audio featuring Kate Bishop’s voice actress calling out for all three characters, which is seemingly prepared for when they are knocked out.

Miller has also hinted at the Cloning Lab’s making a potential return, which was something we haven’t heard much about for quite some time. They are generally shifting towards a different release concept with less of an ongoing roadmap but rather building up from one patch to the next. It’s going to be an adjustment for players, but they are currently working on their plans beyond 2022. So, it seems we may have gotten a hint at what those plans just might be.

Source: Twitter, Vocaroo (She-Hulk), Vocaroo (Captain Marvel), Vocaroo (Winter Soldier), Vocaroo

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