‘Daredevil: Born Again’ Star Gives Ambiguous Update on the Series Episode Count

When Kevin Feige announced Daredevil: Born Again at SDCC, its planned 18 episodes made it Marvel Studios most ambitious D+ streaming series yet. Now, following a major creative retooling, that episode count is no longer a sure thing.

In an interview with Comic Book’s Adam Barnhardt, Born Again and Echo star Vincent D’Onofrio has revealed that the series is no longer guaranteed to run for 18 episodes.

The amount of episodes keeps fluctuating, so I don’t really know the number that we’re at right now.

-Vincent D’Onofrio on Daredevil: Born Again’s changing episode count

“It seems like there are a few shows that could work with more episodes, then some that just need eight or 10 or six. Echo is like five,” said D’Onofrio. “I think this show [Born Again] could definitely work with more episodes,” he explained, “and I know that Charlie [Cox] is, and I am too, happy to do that.”

Though it seems the show may now be made up of fewer than 18 episodes, D’Onofrio stopped short of putting a number on it, indicating it’s best to wait for word from Marvel. “But the number keeps fluctuating, he said. “I think you’re gonna have to wait for an official announcement, because I don’t want to say a number that we’re going to do because I’m not even quite sure what it is.”

Daredevil: Born Again is expected to hit D+ in 2025.

Source: Comic Book

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