‘Loki’: Chris Hemsworth Recorded Throg’s Grunts

It looks like Chris Hemsworth ended up playing a role in Loki after all, just not the one any of us expected. In a recent interview with the podcast Views from the 616, the series head writer Kate Herron revealed that the Australian actor did, in fact, return to record lines as Throg, the Frog of Thunder. Well, he made grunts to be exact.

The amphibious Norse God made a surprise cameo appearance during the latest episode of Marvel’s new Disney+ series. He was quickly shown as an inhabitant of the otherworldly Void, desperately trying to escape a glass jar buried beneath the dirt. Herron confirmed on the podcast that Hemsworth actively participated in the show, and old audio was not used for the bit as some may have assumed.

Throg made his first comic appearance in Thor Vol. 1 #364 back in 1986. A new version got introduced in 2009’s Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #1. He originated as a man named Simon Walterson, who found himself cursed to live life as a frog after an encounter with a witch. A wild story follows this, but it ends with Walterson wielding a version of Mjolnir that transforms him into Throg, an amphibian with the powers of Thor.

The character has since been a favorite joke among Marvel fans, so it was nice to see him appear in the show alongside another comical Easter egg, the Thanos Copter. Loki producer Eric Martin recently confirmed the character, presented as a Thor variant on the show, was originally meant for a larger role. Perhaps this means there’s still a chance we’ll one day see Hemsworth give the role some life on a larger stage.

Source: Twitter

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