EXCLUSIVE: Lia McHugh Was Surprised By Changes Made to ‘Eternals’

In an exclusive interview with actress Lia McHugh, the Eternals star talked about the surprising changes made to the film.

Major studio films rarely stay the same from start to finish. Whether it be thanks to reshoots or constant script changes, movies are constantly evolving. It would seem Marvel Studios’ newest blockbuster saw plenty of changes, too, throughout production. During an exclusive interview with Murphy’s Multiverse, Eternals star Lia McHugh revealed she was caught off guard by a handful of changes made to the movie between the time of filming and its release. Of course, this is common practice for the House of Ideas. Sometimes it’s meant to keep actors in the dark. Other times, however, the alterations are made to enhance the quality of the film. Either way, statements regarding alterations throughout production have become a recurring statement among those involved with Marvel’s projects. 

When asked directly if any parts of the final product were a surprise to her, McHugh responded:

There were a lot of changes… I mean, not a lot. There were a few changes made from when we shot the movie and then a couple things were changed in reshoots.

While this may not be all too interesting, it’s what she says next that will pique fans’ interest:

One of the after-credits scenes I was surprised. I watched like a rough cut of the movie before I saw the final cut, and I actually was surprised by a few things. I can’t say too much about it. But yeah, there were a few things that were changed that I was surprised.

It’s important to note that the up-and-coming actress does not specify what she was surprised by; it could have been because the after-credit scene was changed, or simply because she didn’t know it existed. Either way, it would appear Marvel Studios had a few secrets up its sleeve for both audiences and the cast of Chloe Zhao‘s latest work. 

Eternals hits theaters on November 5, should fans like to see what surprises McHugh might have been talking about.

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