How ‘Eternals’ Cosmic Energy May Connect to ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’s Adam Warlock

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After a long wait, we finally got our first look at Eternals. The trailer offers a closer look at how cosmic energy works within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It acts like golden fleece that is the basis of their abilities and can serve different purposes. Thena can create weapons out of it, such as the sword we briefly see. Sersi seems to summon water as the cosmic energy flows through the ground. Even Makkari’s superspeed leaves the golden lines in a similar design that Quicksilver did in Avengers: Age of Ultron. In a way, it seems to allude that most supernatural abilities might have close ties to the Eternals through this mystical, all-encompassing power. The MCU puts a strong emphasis on energy types and connecting them to specific colors, such as the prominence of purple in Black Panther’s technology. As such, it could add more context to a character tease that has yet to pay off who shares that color scheme.


The Eternals": Erste Bilder im großen Marvel-Trailer |

The color gold hasn’t played a considerable role in the franchise. Well, there is one exception. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 introduced us to the Sovereign. They are a genetically engineered race that lives on a collective of planets. Now, you might remember that every member of this alien race has one thing in common, their skin is pure gold. They also utilize advanced technology painted in the color due to their strong belief in the purity they reflect. The color also plays an integral role in the birthing cocoons that brings this alien race to life. 

We have to keep in mind that Adam originally was the holder of the Soul Stone. Just like the MCU’s Vision held the Mind Stone, it was implanted on his forehead and had a deep connection to his abilities. As the stones got destroyed in Avengers: Endgame, it was uncertain if Adam’s entire origin would change. He wasn’t originally part of the Sovereign but created by the Enclave, a group of human scientists, as the perfect human in the comics. So, the new direction of the films and the golden look may connect him to that cosmic energy. We never learn of their creators in the film, and it wouldn’t be too crazy to assume the Eternals or even Celestials had some play in that.


Guardians of the Galaxy: All of Adam Warlock's Powers & Abilities, Ranked


As such, the golden cosmic energy we see throughout Eternals may be the basis of this alien race. If Sersi can let water flow from cosmic energy, its potential could seem limitless. So, they tested out ways to create a new form of life that ended up becoming its collective over time. The cocoon we see in the Guardians‘ post-credit sequence could be his body getting weaved out of cosmic energy into the perfect being of Ayesha’s vision. Little does she know, the Sovereign queen is playing with powers she can’t control and may lead to Adam breaking free from that race. Eternals is introducing us to the energy that will have a larger role moving forward. Perhaps the golden cosmic energy will face its silver counterpoint known as Power Cosmic in the future as well. Instead of seeking the stones, he becomes an entity of pure cosmic energy seeking its opposite to unite against a larger threat.

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