CW Picks Up ‘Naomi’ Series and Passes on ‘Black Lightning’ Spin-Off

naomi series

The year 2019 marked the debut of yet another original character from Brian Michael Bendis, Naomi. He is best known for creating characters like Jessica Jones, Miles Morales, Ironheart, and Daisy Johnson. The story of his latest work followed the bright, young mind of Naomi. She slowly discovers that something larger at play going on in her small town of Port Oswego. The mystery expanded as Naomi began to dig deeper and deeper to discover just where she really came from, as she begins to develop abilities that rival even the might of Superman.

It was announced late last year that Ava DuVernay had begun development on a series surrounding the character for the CW network, writing and serving as executive producer on the series alongside Jill Blankenship. The project received a pilot order from the network and quickly jumped into production as it rounded out its cast. It’s now been confirmed that the CW has picked up the superhero drama to series. It’s currently unknown how many episodes the season will run and no timeframe for release has been given. DuVernay shared her enthusiasm on Twitter about the series pick-up:

For those unfamiliar with the character of Naomi and interested in her story, the best place to start would be Naomi issues #1-6. Naomi joins Bendis’ run on Young Justice in issue 10 and remains on the team till its end on issue #20. Naomi joins a packed roster alongside Stargirl, Superman and Lois, Batwoman, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. Alongside the news of a series pickup, the CW has confirmed that they’ve passed on the planned Painkiller series that was set to spin-off Black Lightning as the series reaches its end.

Source: THR, Twitter

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