Ava DuVernay Adapting DC’s ‘Naomi’ as a CW Series

The Arrowverse has gone through quite the shakeup in the past year. Recently, we’ve seen reports almost weekly on shows getting canceled, such as Black Lightning, while brand new ones already being in development. One of those being Wonder Girl, based on Yara Flor. Well, now it seems the CW will be adding yet another DC comic book property to its roster with Ava DuVernay jumping into the world of DC yet again.

The report states that she will develop a live-action series based on the hero Naomi. She was born from two of the twenty-nine people who received god-like abilities after some form of radiation broke through her Earth’s shattered ozone layer. Naomi traveled to Earth-Prime to hide from Zumbado, one of the twenty-nine’s most sinister members. He sought to end the child so that he could prove his strength. The series is produced by DuVernary and her production company, Array. Former Arrow writer and executive producer Jill Blankenship will write the story.

The character of Naomi is pretty new, as she made her debut just last year in her very own solo title by the same name. She was created by comic book vet Brian Michael Bendis, who responsible for characters like Miles Morales, Jessica Jones, and Iron Heart. This property is not DuVernay‘s first venture into the DC Universe, as she is currently working on an adaption of DMZ, as well as co-writing a New Gods film alongside Tom King. She will also direct the blockbuster and has been very enthusiastic about tackling the iconic characters created by Jack Kirby. This show also seems to be one of the first DCTV Properties not to fall under Greg Berlanti, who’s pioneered the superhero television genre since the beginning of Arrow.

Source: Variety

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