Here Come The New Dogs of the MCU!

We got some great shots and video out of New York this week at the Hawkeye series began filming. It was great to have Hailee Steinfeld finally confirmed as Kate Bishop, however the real spotlight stealer is none other than the very handsome, very smart, very, very, very good boy: Pizza Dog!! As soon as pictures emerged of this gorgeous golden retriever, people went gaga over him. And how could they not?

We at Murphy’s Multiverse were very pleased to be able to bring you an exclusive first look at Lucky the Pizza dog. Yesterday, it appears Twitter user @BRMarvelNews discovered the identity of Pizza Dog and found his Instagram page (jolt.of.genius) which showcases his various adventures with his owner Jacqui Johnson and Annie, a beautiful Golden girl who shares in some of the acting duties as well. 

Check out some Instagram posts of Jolt (AKC registered name and titles: Dahling Electrify My Soul CGCA DN DJ RATI RATN BCAT) here:


BUT WAIT!! There’s MORE Marvel doggy casting news on the way! Twitter user @WandaMaximoofff spotted an interesting entry on the Animal Casting Atlanta page:

The website mentions this handsome guy is in an upcoming Marvel feature, and with his looks and a name like “Sparky” it seems a bit too perfect that he probably is playing WandaVision’s very own doggy wonder!

Incidentally, I wonder what will happen when they meet up with Captain Marvel’s Goose. Hmm… Flerkens and dogs get along okay, right? I’m sure they all love Pizza.

Source: Animal Casting Atlanta, Dahling

For more pictures and a little video of Jolt as Pizza Dog, Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner filming Hawkeye in New York this week, check out this link

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