Disney May Combine Disney+ and Hulu

Disney+ is an interesting streaming service. Instead of taking on the streaming giant Netflix directly, it focused its efforts on family-entertainment. That decision paid off immensely, as they were way ahead of their early estimates. Yet, there is one confusing aspect of what Disney offers when it comes to streaming. The House of Mouse has three core streaming services that each have a different audience. So, they are splitting quite a variety of content across Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+. Now, the issue is that Hulu is only available in the US.

So, they can’t pull in their international audience that is interested in content beyond PG-13. Well, rumors started to go around that they would rectify this by utilizing the existing Indian brand Star. They would expand it into Europe after already rebranding it Disney+ Star. Now, the question was if it would be its streaming service or combined into Disney+. Well, a recent rumor by Collider may confirm the direction they are heading for. The move makes sense to strengthen a singular streaming platform to be able to compete with Netflix. It would combine Disney+’s 73.7M with Hulu’s 36.6M. That does not yet consider how many subscribers the service could make once Disney+ Star is rolled into the service internationally.

Yes, they do offer these services currently through bundles, but they are still separate services. Even better, they can combine some of the design elements of both to upgrade Disney+’s rather simple template, which I hoped to see in an article you can find here. Plus, we’ll see a streaming war next year, especially now that Warner Bros. has decided to air their films next year on HBO Max. Disney’s Investor’s Day is only a few more days away, so maybe they’ll make the big announcement by then.

Source: Collider

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