New ‘American Horror’ Story Spin-Off Set Photos Offer First Look at Danny Trejo and Charles Melton

american horror story danny trejo

One of the best parts of American Horror Story is its ability to constantly reinvent itself every season, keeping around familiar faces, while remaining fresh and inventive. What started with a haunted house moved on to a slasher-infested campground or the end of the world. Now, the series aims to do so each episode with its anthology spin-off titled American Horror Stories. We previously reported that the series would kick off with yet another return to the Murder House. It’ll introduce a new set of characters daring to journey within, but now we have more insight into other episodes

New photos from the series’ set reveal that the production has set up shop at the Los Cerritos Center in Cerritos, California. What’s stands out is that the mall has been completely redecorated for what seems to be a Christmas-themed episode. First spotted by fans, actors Dany Trejo and Charles Melton appear to be the big stars of this episode. Trejo seems to be playing a mall Santa, who could be the main threat that Melton‘s character faces. It isn’t the actor’s first time on AHS, as he previously had a guest appearance in the Hotel storyline. Here is a closer look at both actors on set

Trejo’s role in the upcoming episode wouldn’t be the first time the series has seen a psychotic Santa. In the second season, episode “Holy Night” introduced us to Leigh Emerson. The episode opened in 1962 with Leigh murdering a charity collection Santa, stealing his costume, and proceeding to go on a killing spree. Could Trejo‘s character be inspired by those killings and is following in the footsteps?

Source: Instagram (Trejo), Instagram (Melton)

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