‘American Horror Stories’ Returning to Fan Favorite Location

Last year, Ryan Murphy shared that FX had given the green lit to an anthology spin-off of the popular horror series American Horror Story. The series is set to include 16-one hour episodes that share solo storylines contained to that episode. Further details given by Murphy confirmed that the series would dive into “Horror, myths, legends, and lore” as well as the return of familiar faces from AHS past. While no details on casting or any of the episode themes have been shared yet, some recent activity at a familiar setting from AHS past may lead to some answers.


Production on the series seems to be kicking off with crew setting up around Rosenheim mansion and even putting the black fence that surrounded the house in season one back up. It’s unclear what exactly we’re going to see happening at the mansion but considering its long history, we could see an episode surrounding its previous owners. Considering that AHS season 10 is currently filming, it’s possible we could see multiple stars from that season return such as Evan Peters as Tate Langdon, or even Frances Conroy as Moira O’Hara in what could be flashback episodes diving deeper into their characters. Maybe we could even see the return of Sarah Paulson’s Billie Dean Howard, as she returns to the murder house for a special, sorta like her brief appearance in Hotel where the ghost of serial killers’ past scared her away.

American Horror Stories currently has no set release date and has yet to officially add anyone to its cast but as production ramps up, casting will follow. In the meantime production of AHS season ten titled Double Feature has begun and will feature two separate and smaller storylines. The cast for the upcoming season is star-studded with the highly anticipated returns of Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson alongside Frances Conroy, Macaulay Culkin, Leslie Grossman, Billie Lourde, Adina Porter, and Angelica Ross.

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