EXCLUSIVE: Lia McHugh Talks About the Casting Process for ‘Eternals’

Actress Lia McHugh had to endure a massive casting process for Marvel Studios’ Eternals, but she eventually secured the role of a lifetime.

Marvel Studios’ latest blockbuster, Eternals, will not only tell the story of some of its oldest characters. The film will also debut 10 brand new heroes into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Lia McHugh‘s Sprite. During an exclusive interview with Murphy’s Multiverse, the young actress briefly discussed the long casting process she endured for the role as Sprite.

During our one-on-one interview with McHugh, we asked her about the casting process for her role as Sprite in Eternals. Interestingly enough, McHugh revealed she auditioned for Marvel television roles in the past.

I had auditioned for, I think, a couple of Marvel TV shows when I was a lot younger. So, it was the same studio that I had been to for auditions back when we used to do in-person auditions.

At the time, McHugh wasn’t entirely sure what she was auditioning for, although she had her suspicions it could be for Marvel again. As we’ve seen in the past, Marvel Studios used fake sides for the casting process, which threw the young actress for a loop.

I kind of had the idea that it was something for Marvel. I didn’t know what, um, it was weird sides and the description was someone with dark hair, dark eyes. I remember when I went in, I was like ‘Just so you know, I’m willing to dye my hair and wear contacts’.

Eventually, McHugh was brought in to audition once again. This time, though, she was given real sides, and she realized she was auditioning for the chance to be a superhero.

I got a callback and then, I think my second round of callbacks, I finally got real sides. “It was one or two scenes… and I was sort of able to figure out who Sprite was by googling and I was like ‘Oh my gosh, this is for an Eternal. I could play a superhero.’

McHugh would go on to do a massive screentest on a soundstage in front of director Chloé Zhao and the film’s producers, where she found herself feeling nervous. She was told she would hear back within 30 days regarding whether or not she got the part. To her surprise, at the end of the 30 days, she was then flown out to London to do a screen test with Richard Madden at Pinewood Studios.

I got to go to London for a week before I even got the part, and I got to meet Richard Madden. And then, it was actually my brother’s birthday when we got the call, and they called my mom and she accidentally hung up the phone because she was so nervous. They called back and she woke me up because I was asleep… and we all started crying. It was a very vigorous process.

It was a long process for the young actress, but luckily, McHugh secured the role as Sprite. Fans can catch McHugh in Marvel Studios’ Eternals when it hits theaters on Nov. 5.

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