‘Love and Thunder’s Chris Hemsworth on the Qualities of Thor He Finds Most Relatable

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Taika Waititi certainly took Thor in a very different direction from Thor: Ragnarok. While some weren’t too pleased with the more comedic direction, it does seem like it reinvigorated the cast and crew to continue telling the story of the God of Thunder. Thor: God of Thunder will even be the first time that one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchises gets the fourth entry.

Chris Hemsworth got a chance to share why he continues to return to the role during the official press conference for the MCU sequel and what he finds so relatable to this new version of Thor.

Yeah, no, definitely, especially since Taika got involved.  He brought out the immature, young, adolescent quality that I embody.  And so does Thor now, which he didn’t in the original films, which was exciting and new and fresh. And that’s, you know, always the sort of North Star is about having fun, you know. 

Chris Hemsworth

He goes on to highlight how they developed this project and started embracing what these characters all inherently should represent: fun.

Embodying this space as a child would and enjoying all of it and being caught up in the wonder and the fascination of all of it. And not getting bogged down in the serious sort of nature that we can when making films, you know. Personally, with these kind of films, it’s got to be fun, and that’s what we’ve done.  That’s what I’ve related to. That’s what Taika’s kind of insisted upon, and it’s been fun.

Chris Hemsworth

He has stated that he ran out of energy with the character at a point. If it weren’t for Taika Waititi, we may have not seen Hemsworth in the MCU for as long as we did. And it seemingly also led to Hemsworth finding the part of himself that built a better connection with the character moving forward as he may still have some energy left to continue his journey through the franchise.

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