Mackenyu Arata Teases Changes to ‘One Piece’s East Blue Saga

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We’re still anxiously awaiting Netflix’s major TUDUM event, which is just on the horizon. While we don’t know what exactly they might show in their first in-person hybrid event since the pandemic started, the official live-action One Piece account has been quite busy promoting the event adding more hope that we might finally get our first look at the adaptation. Luckily, it also gave us some new interviews that tease the adaptation.

In an interview with Sopitas, as translated by Twitter user @philazora, Mackenyu Arata shared what it was like working with Eiichiro Oda. It’s not every day that an adaptation of manga has its original creator this heavily involved but that doesn’t mean they still won’t have to make some changes to the original story, especially with multiple chapters being retold in just eight episodes.

Whatever Oda-sensei wants for the show is what the fans want. So I’m sure they’ll be happy. We only have 8 hours in the series. There’ll be changes, but they’re necessary. We’re very happy about that. He’s like our dad.

Mackenyu Arata

Arata highlights that these are “necessary” adding some intrigue on what exactly they may have changed and why. Some of the humor from the original may not have aged and a live-action adaptation can’t carry over every element from the original. Changes are a part of every adaptation and it’s great to know that Oda is so heavily involved that he also ensures it doesn’t stray too far from his vision. Here’s hoping a first look is almost here.

Source: Sopitas via Twitter

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