‘Madame Web’: First Reactions to Sony’s Latest Debacle Hit Social Media

Sony must be given credit. Though the studio behind two of the most well-received animated superhero films of all time (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse) can’t seem to put together a solid live-action CBM, they truly embody the superhero spirit by never giving up. The studio’s latest effort, Madame Web, hits theaters on Valentine’s Day and was screened for critics ahead of time…and it sounds as though it turned out exactly like everyone thought it would.

“The Worst Comic Book Movie I Have Ever Seen”

With Green Lantern, 2015’s Fant4stic Four and Sony’s own Morbius to compete with, being the worst CBM ever is tall order to be sure, but at least one critic thinks Madame Web may have taken the top spot. Critic Cris Parker called Sony’s latest installment in whatever it is they’re calling their efforts “an embarrassing mess” with a “laughable structure.” Given the current culture of social media, that means in about 6 months people will be talking about how it’s one of their favorite films.

“A Scattered Story That Leads Nowhere”

Heroes Unbound found Madame Web’s plot to be “lackluster” and while they indicated it did contain “charming performances”, they ultimately labeled it as nothing more than “a passable movie.” And that’s the nicest thing anyone is saying about it so far.

“Just Kinda There”

With a cast that included Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney, Sony certainly continued its trend of casting attention-grabbing stars. With that in mind, you’d hope they’d eventually put together a film that grabbed attention in a positive way. Instead, Madame Web is “totally fine” and “just kinda there” according to James Preston Poole.

“It Was Bad”

Brandon Schultz was willing to give it a shot, bless his heart, but in the end…”it was bad.”

The good news is that as we all know, the early reviews are always the best ones as they’re done by critics who are clearly paid by the studios to get the film some good press (at least that’s what I always read on X), so don’t let these early reviews stop you from seeing Madame Web in theaters! And, don’t forget that Sony’s Kraven the Hunter will also hit theaters later this year!

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