Bushman was Originally Going to be ‘Moon Knight’ Main Antagonist

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Moon Knight is set to wrap up its six-episode run this week with its finale that hopefully can avoid the curse of other series rushing its ending. The finale will see the next confrontation between the avatar of Khonshu and Arthur Harrow, whose determination to free Ammit may have unleashed an unexpected evil.

It looks like this was not always the plan, however, and the series initially featured a much more familiar foe to fans of the Moon Knight comics. In an interview with the House of R podcast, Jeremy Slater revealed that Raul Bushman was originally set to be the main antagonist of the series.

There was a lot of specifics in the pitch that didn’t wind up working in the show, Bushman was intiailly going to be the main villain, I think he was going to be possessed by an egyptian god by the end of it, and you’d have a big sort of avatar battle.

Jeremy Slater

This of course did not happen, and we’ve only gotten a brief reference to Bushman. So, his only real “appearance” was in the recent episode where Marc confirms that his partner killed the group of archeologist when he got greedy, leaving Marc for dead. So, the series still is following the comic’s origin story but does not focus too much on it, keeping it open for future exploration.

Its been reported that when developing the story the team had decided that the character of Bushman was too similar to that of Erik Killmonger, the main antagonist of Black Panther. The series instead opted to take a minor character from the comics and rework him into a bit of an original character, but it seems like they may have kept the plans for Bushman and used him for Harrow.

Source: TV Line

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