Jodie Turner-Smith Has NOT Joined ‘Kraven the Hunter’ as Calypso

kraven the hunter jodie turner smith

It was back in July when first rumors made their way online that actress Jodie Turner-Smith would take on the role of Calypso Ezil in Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man spinoff, Kraven the Hunter. It turns out those rumors were not true, as The Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit confirmed that she has not joined the cast after running the story of Russell Crowe joining the project. It’s uncertain if they are still actively looking to find an actress to take on the role of Calypso, but it was pointed out most of the parts will consist of Kraven’s extended family.

Calypso is a voodoo priestess who had a lot of joy in manipulating Kraven and was one of the causes that led to his eventual suicide. Her powers were derived from sacrificing her younger sister which gave her the ability to control Curt Conners. She was one of the few people that almost managed to kill Spider-Man, but he managed to survive and take her out. Yet, she was seemingly dead until she would make a return in trying to resurrect Kraven and ended up facing off against Daredevil.

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