‘Peacemaker’ Episode 7 Primer

It seems like just a week ago we got the first few episodes of Peacemaker, featuring the return of John Cena as the titular character. As we enter this new week, we grow closer and closer to the finale with the penultimate episode set to premiere tomorrow on HBO Max. Throughout this season, we’ve seen the secrets of Project Butterfly unravel and Murn\ come clean about his true identity… and that there’s a giant cow?!

Picking up directly after the cliffhanger ending of ‘Monkey Dory’, the last episode opened with Murn confronting Adebayo in the streets following her learning he is one of the butterflies, but not before Harcourt seemingly pulls up the rescue. Harcourt explains that she figured it out early on, realizing Murn took a hell of a hit at the Goff residence with little damage. Murn reveals that the butterflies were initially here peacefully before the queen and others began planning ulterior motives, plotting world domination. Murn is a defector who inhabited the past mercenaries’ bodies to put a stop to them and save the earth. He reveals the pain he wakes up with daily, living with Murn’s memories of his past heinous actions.

The previous episode also saw Detective Song and Fitzgibbons go over Locke’s head in order to get a warrant to arrest Peacemaker and free Auggie Smith. Mission accomplished, as the White Dragon was freed and the Evergreen police department readies to lead an assault on Peacemaker’s trailer. Learning of this at the very last second, Peacemaker and Vigilante escape through the skylight with Eagly and Goff, climbing through trees to evade the cops. Vigilante ends up falling, freeing an encased Goff, who flew into the mouth of Detective Song and took over her body.

Vigilante and Peacemaker escape through the woods, with Eagly swooping down and taking out cop after cop. The two of them are then aided by Locke, who killed the remaining cops and left a getaway vehicle for the duo at the edge of the woods, pinning the crimes on an assailant vaguely similar to the Hamburglar.

New Butterfly Sophie Song returned to the police station and used their equipment to reach out to the others, summoning them all to Evergreen. The Butterflies converged on a hill near the station, exiting their ships and following Goff inside to which ‘Monster’ by Reckless Love plays over the butterflies swarming the police station, inhabiting all within.

The final moments saw Peacemaker’s faux diary read to the country as he’s framed for countless murders, as the secret of the butterflies remains as a conspiracy to the world. As Peacemaker deals with this, the White Dragon suits up as his followers have rallied to his side, and just like that it seems just about everyone is after Peacemaker.

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