Mahershala Ali’s ‘Werewolf By Night’ Cameo Was Reportedly Cut

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If you were one of the many fans confused at Mahershala Ali‘s random voice cameo at the end of Eternals then Werewolf By Night would have been the MCU project to make up for that confusion. A rumor from the Weekly Planet Podcast is claiming that Ali was originally supposed to make his live-action appearance in next month’s Werewolf By Night Halloween special but was cut due to scheduling problems. According to podcast host James Clement:

Anyway, here’s a scoop, Mason… Blade, I can’t prove this, was originally set to debut in a Halloween special but was cut due to scheduling conflicts… Monster hunter, goes to a monster house. Makes sense, love that. It’s not happening, apparently.

Announced 3 years ago in SDCC 2019, the Blade project has long been in the works. By the time the film releases next November, it’ll be 4 years since Ali was announced. With a project taking this long, it makes sense for Marvel Studios to introduce the character elsewhere while fans wait for the film. There’s no telling if there are other plans to have Blade appear in an upcoming film but fans are surely excited to see the character finally debut in the MCU.

Source: Weekly Planet Podcast via MCU Direct

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