Marvel Studios Launces Viral Campaign for ‘The Fantastic Four’ Featuring the Future Foundation

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Known for years for their intense secrecy around their projects, Marvel Studios seems to be taking an all-new, all-different approach with The Fantastic Four. After first revealing the film’s cast alongside an updated logo and release date on Valentine’s Day, the studio is celebrating “4-4 Day” (April 4th) with a little viral fun.

The official Marvel Studios Twitter account shared a new piece of concept art for the film featuring the Human Torch along with a link to Four.

Once at the link, you’re greeted by H.E.R.B.I.E. and clever 404 “PAGE NOT FOUND” error. Upon closer inspection, a QR code can be seen inside H.E.R.B.I.E. which leads a new page with a Future Foundation logo at the top. There, 5 comics can be found which are likely key issues in which hints about the film’s plot could be found.

The issues involve the FF’s first appearance and their fight against Mole Man, the three-issue arc that introduced Galactus and the Silver Surfer and Mark Russell’s 2021 Fantastic Four: Life Story #1 which detailed the team’s adventures in the 1960s.

Given yesterday’s news that Julia Garner had joined the cast as a version of the Silver Surfer, the three-issue arc all but confirms the long-standing rumors that the film would feature the team taking on Galactus. And if it wasn’t clear yet, the inclusion of Life Story confirms the ’60s setting of the film.

Additionally, the inclusion of the Future Foundation in the viral campaign adds credence to the rumors that Franklin and Valeria Richards will be included in the film. The Future Foundation was created by Reed Richards as a way to help shape the future of science by helping young people learn to think creatively. The Richards’ children were two of the Foundation’s many members.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on Marvel to see if they have more in store on April 4!

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