Marvel Studios’ Daredevil’ Series Finds Its New Showrunner and Directors

It’s been a wild ride for Disney+ and Marvel Studios. Now that the WGA regulations are in place based on the new deal, the studio’s head writer concept has been scrapped to return to a more traditional showrunner method. The Punisher’s Dario Scardapane is seemingly taking over as showrunner for the Daredevil: Born Again series (uncertain if that name will remain) and is joined by the directing duo of Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, who are making quite a name for themselves with their work on the Loki Season 2 episodes that are getting quite a bit of social media attention.

The series was filmed in New York but after it was paused due to the strikes, it seemed that Marvel Studios wasn’t quite satisfied with what they got and original head writers Matt Corman and Chris Ord left the project. Given the character’s history with the Netflix series considered one of the best adaptations, it’s no surprise that they are trying to make sure that this one truly sticks the landing. Benson and Moorhead are attached to direct the new episodes to finish out the first season but no one knows how much they will overhaul the entire show.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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