Marvel Studios Wanted to “Take Some Chances” With ‘Eternals’

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Marvel Studios’ upcoming film Eternals will explore a new aspect of the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. For the first time, we’ll start at its beginnings and explore how the universe we’ve come to love sparked into existence. Indie director Chloé Zhao took over the reins of this ambitious project and it looks like they’ve tried their hands at a project unlike any other. In an interview with Toronto Sun, Marvel Studios producer Nate Moore highlighted this very fact, as he pointed out:

It’s our most ambitious first film. Because of that we wanted to take a big swing. We wanted to take some chances and give audiences something that feels completely new

Nate Moore

It certainly is an ambitious project if you consider it introduces an ensemble cast of ten aliens that explore 7,000 years of MCU history. Of course, the ambition to break their own norm may also reflect in the highly debated Rotten Tomatoes score, which currently sits lower than that of Thor: The Dark World with 60%. It’s not uncommon for new ventures like these to become controversial due to their “love it or hate it” nature.

In a way, the galactic direction for director Zhao also creates a new approach. Her work on The Rider and Nomadland showed a more down-to-earth approach to storytelling. It’s great to see Marvel Studios take a unique approach and even if it’s not a critic pleaser, there’s a chance the project will garner quite a bit of love from viewers for trying out something new.

Source: Toronto Sun, Rotten Tomatoes

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