‘Eternals’ Barry Keoghan Teases Druig’s Darker Side

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Eternals is set to take a new stab at what it means to be a Marvel Cinematic Universe film. In it, we’ll meet the titular alien race and its many members. With ten new characters taking center stage, there are bound to be some members that might break conventions. Among them is the character of Druig, who is played by Barry Keoghan, who has quite a dark history in the comics. ComicBookMovies.com got the chance to sit down with the actor to discuss his potential darker future. In a way, he teased we might get a glimpse of that side in the upcoming film.

Yeah, I think so. I don’t want to put any ideas out there. I definitely think he’ll take a stand. He finds it hard not to interfere and stuff. It’s for the right reasons. He has some valid points to interfere and he’s doing it for good reasons, but yeah, maybe he does. Maybe he does. I’ve got no idea!

Barry Keoghan

In the comics, Druig has gone by many names since his introduction in 1977. He even was called Satan by some, as each member of the Eternals becomes representative or confused with deities of old. At one point, he even worked for the KGB where he learned to love torturing people. So, it wouldn’t be too surprised if we learn he had a hand in some of the darker moments of history.

The trailers also highlight that the Eternals are not allowed to influence human history after they give them the initial push to evolve. We get a few teases of Druig’s role in the film and the shots do give him a sinister “watcher” vibe as what looks like Pompeii is burning. There’s also the strange village he is in, which might have a deeper meaning as the story continues. I doubt he’s truly an antagonist but he may represent a darker side of this group. He also highlights he’d love a Loki team-up, which adds to the darker future of the character.

Source: ComicBookMovie

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