‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Spider-Man DLC Eyeing January Release

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There was a lot of drama this year when it was announced that Spider-Man would be an exclusive character for Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers game. As the character’s latest single-player game was a PlayStation exclusive, Sony jumped at the chance to keep that brand consistency. Of course, we have no idea how exactly this would work with consistent updates promised for all systems. We have no idea when he would be released with some rumors pointing him to being a March addition. Well, an eagle-eyed reader of the PlayStation magazine noticed a little detail during their Spider-Man: Miles Morales coverage. u/icematt12 noticed that a small section on the Avengers game states that Spidey will release in January.

Avengers PS5 paragraph in latest UK PlayStation Magazine from PlayAvengers

This is actually a huge reveal, as we were uncertain when he would release. Also, this is from the official PlayStation Magazine, so there is some validity to it. So far, the only confirmed characters are next month’s Kate Bishop, Hawkeye, and Black Panther. The latest State of the Game hinted at a War Table coming next month that will give us a clearer picture. Keep in mind that anything can also change, as CD is currently facing delays due to the first month being quite rocky.

So, for now, take this as a potential release window and no official confirmation until the developers actually give us a date. Still, it is helpful to get a feeling for when we can expect him, and early 2021 is a good estimate for now. Our best guess is to wait for next month’s War Table video to give us some insight into what Crystal Dynamics is working on and when we can expect it. Hopefully, things will be much clearer for the coming months.

Source: Reddit

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