‘Shazam: Fury of The Gods’ Looking to Cast Three Wicked Sisters

After the electrifying success of the first Shazam! film, they quickly announced the development of the sequel. Of course, the cast and director are also returning for the highly anticipated follow-up. Getting production rolling on the film was priority number one due to the rapid aging of the young cast. The official title of the film was announced back in August during DC FanDome as Shazam!: Fury of The Gods. As production draws closer and closer, it seems their sparing no second and beginning the search for the film’s antagonist.
It has been reported that the film is looking to cast three sisters, varying widely in age, who willl serve as adversaries in the upcoming sequel. Currently, the casting is looking for a Zendaya type for the youngest. One sister will be in the age range between 40 to 50. they have Eva Green and Halle Berry listed. Finally, the oldest sister will be a bit older, with the casting looking for a 50-60 age range. It highlights that Helen Mirren would be their ideal casting.
Now many are probably beginning to wonder who these three sisters could be. Shazams’ roster of villains does not include any three sisters in comic history. We believe that the sisters could be the three sisters of fate: Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. The sisters were once the daughters of Nyx, but have come to be known as the daughters of Zeus and Themis in Greek mythology. The Fates are said to be so powerful that not even Zeus could overturn their decisions. They are also known as the weaving goddesses, who decide the fates of man when they are born. The sisters maybe after the Shazamily. Now that Billy has shared the power of the wizards with his foster siblings to defeat Sivana and the Seven Deadly Sins, they may have unleashed something even more dangerous.

Source: Illuminerdi

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