New ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Spot Features Key Location from Thor Comics

The promotional footage for Marvel Studios Thor: Love and Thunder has been coming fast and furious as the release date for the film approaches. The fourth Thor film will feature one of Odinson’s most fearsome comic book villains, Gorr the God Butcher, and his quest to rid the universe of gods. Gorr was introduced in Jason Aaron’s highly-acclaimed Thor: God of Thunder and the latest promo for the film features a key location from that run.

Just six seconds into the spot, entitled “Speech”, we see what looks to be Thor’s goat-drawn ship leaving a building floating high in the clouds. Fans of the Aaron comic no doubt recognized the building as Omnipotence City, a location that was central to Thor’s quest to uncover information about Gorr’s murderous spree against the gods.

In issue #3 of Thor: God of Thunder, Thor makes his way to Omnipotence City, a vast neutral zone for the gods built millions of years ago following a war. Once there, Thor makes his way to the Halls of All-Knowing where with the help of the Lord Librarian, he began researching all the gods who had already fallen victim to Gorr…and those who might in the future.

Thor’s quest for knowledge was interrupted when Gorr’s Black Berserkers attacked, but he was able to get enough info to continue his quest. Given what’s seen in the brief glimpse here, it’s likely that Thor’s trip to Omnipotence City will serve as a waypoint on a much longer quest.

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