‘Thor: Love and Thunder’s Final Runtime is Shorter Than ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

thor love and thunder runtime

It looks like we may finally have our last reported runtime for the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder film. There’s been a lot of speculation on where the film would end, as some reports from official theater chains hinted at it being one of the longest and even among the shortest Marvel Cinematic Universe entries. Yet, it seems that the latest update has finally given us what may be the full runtime for the fourth Thor film, which is going to scratch the two-hour surface.

It seems that Thor: Love and Thunder will run around 1 hour and around 59 minutes. That runtime is quite the departure from the first AMC showcase that had the film at 150 minutes, which would be around two hours and 30 minutes. Yet, it would later be revised to what is now the finalized runtime of 1 hour and 59 minutes shortly after. Given the sudden shift, it was uncertain if that would remain but it looks like the film is among the franchise’s shorter films.

Thor: Love and Thunder is now shorter than the first Iron Man, which was just eight minutes above the two-hour mark. Also, we have to keep in mind that this runtime also includes the credits, as pointed out by Big Screen Leaks on Twitter. With 119 minutes, the film is only four minutes longer than the first Thor film, and Thor: The Dark World‘s 112 minutes. So, it technically is still quite in line with other entries of the franchise. It’ll be interesting to see how Taika Waititi keeps all his ideas within that runtime.

Source: AMC, Cineplexx, Twitter

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