‘Nope’ Kicks Off Strong With $6.4M in Thursday Previews, Jordan Peele’s Second Best

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Yup, you read that right. Jordan Peele‘s latest film, simply titled Nope, has opened to a strong $6.4M in Thursday previews to kick off its summer box office run. There’s been a lot of mystery surrounding what may be Peele’s biggest budget title yet. Even during the pandemic, horror titles have done quite well and especially when it came to racking in quite a bit over their theatrical run.

As of now, the predictions have its release somewhere between $45M and $60M if it manages to pick up the pace over the weekend. Expectations at the moment with that Thursday preview opening have it leaning towards the higher opening. It’s the third release for Peele and cost him quite a bit more from his previous sentries. Get Out had a $4.5M budget before Us was made for $20M. Nope, on the other hand, has a production budget of $68M.

The $6.4M Thursday opening was lower than that of Us, which took in $7.4M and went on to pull in around $71.1M. Of course, there’s a chance the pandemic had some influence and critics weren’t raving about this entry as they did with previous ones. Nope also had some of the most obscure marketing we’ve seen from any summer blockbuster production, which may also have played a factor in people being uncertain. For now, we’ll have to see if the film’s opening may potentially still succeed expectations.

Source: Variety

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