Justin Roiland on his Creative Collaboration on ‘Koala Man’ and ‘Solar Opposites’

As someone deeply ensconced with numerous projects simultaneously, Justin Roiland is very much grateful for the creative relationships he has with collaborators on his various adult animation programs. While sitting down with Murphy’s Multiverse at San Diego Comic-Con, Roiland discussed his involvement with the creative team and the production behind the upcoming Koala Man series.

I surround myself with amazing, talented people. For Koala Man, I’ve got Benji (Samit), Dan (Hernandez), and Michael (Cusack). Which that’s their thing, I’m very hands-off with that show. My whole thing was like ‘I just need Michael to have a show’ and so my job was to just get that show green-lit, and then to protect them from notes, and to protect them from…if there was anything that’s bumming them out, that they feel really strongly about, then they can call me and I can step in. And surprisingly, I haven’t had to do it that much because Hulu is so fucking chill. They believe in the show. They’re like ‘yeah this is great.’ But in terms of actually writing and the moment-to-moment and the writer’s room, I’m two arm-lengths away from it. I’m more of a fan of it.

Justin Roiland

Being able to have that level of distance between himself and the series shows the level of trust Roiland holds with his collaborators. It’s certainly notable to see an influential figure such as Roiland go to bat on that level for Michael Cusack in providing the outlet for him to have his own Hulu animated series. Roiland compared his involvement, and his trust in his collaborators, with Koala Man to that of his own series in Solar Opposites.

And then for Solar Opposites, it’s Danielle (Uhlarik), Josh (Bycel), and Mike (McMahan), and our writers on that. And you know I’m closer to that one obviously, but still that show would not be as good as it is…we have all these amazing ideas coming from our other crew that feed into that show.

Justin Roiland

Justin Roiland certainly expresses a great deal of respect and trust in his creative co-workers. And with that, it’s not a surprise to see the developing success that has been established through this new era of adult-oriented animated projects with Hulu.

This interview was done in conjunction with Saturday Morning Cereal, Pixelated Geek, and JVS Media & Productions.

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