AMC’s New Runtime Hints at ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’s Being Among the MCU’s Shortest

thor love and thunder runtime

There’s been a lot of discussions on what the runtime exactly would be for Thor: Love and Thunder. Previous listings hinted at a two-hour and 30 minutes runtime, but now AMC has updated the runtime on their website that is no longer even reaching two hours. According to the site, it’s going to run for one hour and 59 minutes. That would put it on the shorter end of the MCU runtimes as it’s even shorter than the first Iron Man which ran for around two hours and eight minutes.

It’s certainly going to be interesting how they manage to keep the many teased storylines in a shorter runtime but it highlights a more concise experience. Director Taika Waititi is no stranger to offering fast-paced comedies and it may be the direction the sequel is taking. Plus, the film is seemingly inspired by romantic comedies, which aren’t strangers to shorter runtimes.

Whatever the direction the film will take, it’s going to be great to finally see the film in theaters in July. Waititi has always left his imprint on the various film she worked on and it’s going to be interesting to see how he handles a sequel like Thor: Love and Thunder.

Source: AMC

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