Matt Shakman’s ‘Fantastic Four’ Adds ‘Avatar 2’ Writer

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Josh Friedman of Avatar: The Way of Water and Snowpiercer fame has found his next project, and it’s quite the big one. It seems he is joining the upcoming Fantastic Four film that’ll be the first arrival of Marvel’s first family in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’ll join director Matt Shakman in what may be one of their most ambitious projects yet.

It’s a big get for the studio given he was part of one of the biggest releases in 2022. Previously, Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer were attached to write. Friedman joining may be a hint that they are moving further away from the pure comedic direction the project may have had given their involvement with various comedies. Friedman is more serious in tone with his tone and, bigger yet, a huge sci-fi veteran.

He was involved with Steven Spielberg‘s War of the Worlds, created the Terminator spinoff series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and more. Given the announcement dropped now, he has likely been involved with the project for a few months now. We also recently found out that Thunderbolts also added a new writer in Beef‘s Lee Sung Jin. Some may not remember but this is very much a pre-pandemic Marvel movie. Outside of a handful of writers, they had a variety of people work on the scripts before releasing a film. So, perhaps something for the “quality over quantity ” crowd.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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