Melissa McCarthy Sighted on ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Set as Hela

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Taika Waititi has been busy filming Thor: Love and Thunder in Australia. Just a few hours ago, we got the revelation that Matt Damon, who was revealed to return for the film, was indeed playing the character from the last entry in the franchise. It would see the return of the iconic play sequence, which will offer a quick recap of the last film’s events. Once we saw Liam Hemsworth also return to portray Thor, it made us wonder who might take on the role of Hela, who was an essential character in Ragnarok. Well, it looks like we finally got our answer and it is quite a surprise. @loveandthundernews shared some images from Daily Mail glimpse at the iconic headgear that reveals that Melissa McCarthy is playing the fake Hela in the play.

I did not expect that casting, but I love it. McCarthy seems like an actress, who we wouldn’t expect to appear in this franchise anytime soon, so this is the perfect way to give her a brief role. We don’t know if these characters are only going to appear briefly in the play, especially those who wrote this version. In Ragnarok, it was Loki disguised as Odin that created the play to glorify his “death.” I cannot wait to see her interpretation of the character that Cate Blanchett played. These events may have been written by Tessa Thompson‘s Valkyrie, who has taken over as the ruler of New Asgard after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Whatever they might have planned, I cannot wait to see the reenactments and McCarthy in her Hela costume on the silver screen.

Source: Daily Mail via Twitter

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