Sam Neill Returns as “Odin” in More ‘THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER’ Set Photos

Over the past day, we’ve seen the cast of Asgaridan thespians from Thor: Ragnarok return to the set of Thor: Love and Thunder. Matt Damon and Luke Hemsworth were spotted yesterday reprising their roles as “Loki” and “Thor” in what looks like it will be a recap of the main events of Ragnarok, including the death of Odin. Later, a new round of photos captured Melissa McCarthy on set as “Hela” and now, as expected, Sam Neill has showed up on set as “Odin.”

Damon, Hemsworth and Neill’s “Tragedy of Loki of Asgard” was one of Thor: Ragnarok‘s funniest moments and from the set pics we’ve seen we know that Thor: Love and Thunder is going to give us not only Thor and Loki’s time with Odin before his death but also the final battle of Asgard. We’ll see what director Taika Waititi comes up with this time to help audiences recap the events of Ragnarok.

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