‘Minecraft’ Adding ‘Jurassic World’ DLC

No, not that is not a joke title. 2020 is just a year full of surprises. If anyone told me Minecraft would have Jurassic World DLC one day, I’d laugh it off. I mean, I haven’t played it in forever but this actually makes me want to revisit it. The official Twitter account for Jurassic World published a first look at what is included in the DLC. It will include 21 character skins, an entire recreation of the original park, and 60 exclusive dinosaur creatures.

It’s honestly impressed that they’ve recreated the entire park. They even worked within the limitations of this blocky design to still make the dinosaurs look as authentic as possible. Naturally, you can build and destroy the park however you want. The official site also states that you can drive vehicles and work with NPCs to earn high scores by solving disasters. It adds some more arcade elements to a franchise that usually gives you all the freedom you need. The player takes over the role of park manager, so maybe there are even some elements taken from Jurassic World Evolution. Anyone that actively plays Minecraft and loves dinosaurs shouldn’t miss out on it.

Source: Twitter, Minecraft

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