Netflix Canceled Animated Series ‘Dead End: Paranormal Park’

It looks like we have one more for the books, as Hamish Steele has revealed that the animated series Dead End: Paranormal Park is no longer moving forward at Netflix. The series recently had a second season released, but it seems it didn’t manage to pull in enough viewers or keep people watching long enough to get the coveted renewal.

He revealed the series is no longer moving forward in an official statement on Twitter, but Steele is hopeful that they’ll be able to continue pushing forward with the project somewhere else. He also reveals that they are working on a third and final DeadEndia book that would’ve been the basis of the third season.

It’s continuing to become a recurring theme over at Netflix, especially when it comes to their animated series. There have been quite a few cancelations as of late, especially going into 2023 with the sudden cancelation of Inside Job. That series especially seemed to have quite the fanbase and ranked quite high in their Top 10 ranks, but they still decided to not move forward anymore.

Netlix has been very specific on what they expect with the series, the only true renewal we have seen recently was Wednesday. They have some big projects set to release this year like the live-action adaptations of One Piece and Avatar: The Last Airbender, which are high-investments series that will require a fittingly high viewing rate. Here’s hoping we see a stronger return for the year.

Source: Twitter

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