Netflix No Longer Moving Forward With ‘Inside Job’ Season 2

inside job season 2

We just recently discussed Netflix’s current habit of canceling shows left and right without any warning. Yet, after a motivating renewal for Wednesday, they once again pull the rug under our feet. After renewing Inside Job for a second season, it seems that they suddenly decide to not move forward with the series openly mocking the concept of conspiracy theories, the Illuminati, and more.

The news hit the internet early in the day before creator Shion Takeuchi went on to confirm that we will no longer follow the story of Reagan and Brett into her accomplishing her goals. This is quite the bitter renewal, not only for the plot twist that was dropped but especially for all the animators involved with the project expecting to start working on the next season. Still, Takeuchi shared a heartfelt message thanking everyone for sticking around with the series so far.

For those wondering how come we’re talking about a second season if they just released an additional batch of episodes? Well, Netflix tends to release a season in multiple parts, especially as the animation takes quite a lot of time before it is finished. As such, they tend to spread out the releases of a season. Sadly, the reason the series was canceled remains a mystery and it seems we’ll not have another round with our favorite incompetent shadow government. Now, all we have left is the real one watching our every move.

Source: Twitter

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