RUMOR: Adam Driver May Be Marvel Studios’ Top Choice for Stretchy ‘Fantastic Four’ Lead

fantastic four adam driver

There have been a lot of discussions on who exactly might take on one of the leading roles of Marvel Studios’ take on the Fantastic Four. The film has long been in development and even lost its initial director, Jon Watts before the almost Star Trek director Matt Shakman took over the production. Casting rumors have been one of the most popular discussions online, especially while building up toward San Diego Comic-Con and D23.

Now, the rumors have once again surfaced teasing who exactly might be taking on the role of Mr. Fantastic. According to some new rumors alongside a hint by The Direct, they believe that the former Kylo Ren, Adam Driver, might be the top choice for the role of Reed Richards in the MCU’s Fantastic Four. For now, we’ll have to take it with a grain of salt, but he’d make a rather curious choice in the role.

Driver is certainly a strong actor, which he proved with his work in projects like Marriage Story and BlaKkKlansman. He’s come a long way since his time in the Star Wars franchise as the moody Kylo Ren. Of course, we’ve seen top choices by Marvel Studios pass on the role and who knows if Driver is even interested in investing a lot of time into a new franchise once again. For now, it’s definitely a curious direction to take Reeds, and given his acting ability, perhaps we’ll see a lot more versions of Driver from across the Multiverse.

Source: The Direct

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