Peacock’s ‘Pitch Perfect’ Spinoff Series Gets Season 2 Renewal

It hasn’t been easy on streaming services, as quite a few shows are facing some harsh developments or even outright cancelations just as production is about to finish. HBO Max started the trend and AMC+ has somehow jumped on the bandwagon leaving the streaming market in disarray. While we wonder what exactly the future looks like for the market, Peacock is happily renewing its new Adam Devine-led spinoff series from Pitch Perfect.

Levine reprises his role as Bumper Allen in a tour-de-force through Germany to revive his music career in Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin. It seems the series pulled in quite an audience after its November premier last year, as highlighted by NBCUniversal Television’s Susan Rovner.

We knew fans of the Pitch Perfect franchise were going to sing the praises of Bumper in Berlin and enjoy seeing a new side of Adam Devine’s character. Along with our partners at UTV, [showrunner] Megan Amram and [executive producers] Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman crafted an incredibly unique and charming story with new takes on iconic songs. We can’t wait to dive further into this new hit with Peacock audiences.

Susan Rovner

Pitch Perfect was a standout franchise that managed to get two sequels running from 2012 until 2017. There’s no word if there’s interest to develop a new sequel but the trilogy lives on through this spinoff focusing on Bumper. With more seasons, it does open up the possibility to have some original cast members return to the franchise in smaller roles and who knows if a new season also means Bumper gets to explore other places.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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