(SPOILER) Possibly Revealed in New ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ BTS Video

It has long been rumored that Daredevil: Born Again would feature another costumed vigilante and a new video from the New York City set of the Disney Plus series may have given fans thier first look… though it may not be exactly what rumors led many to believe.


The video, shared by X user @porgomomics shows a costumed character standing just inside an NYC store. Dressed in white with black stripes all over the suit and helmet, it’s very possible this is the first look at White Tiger.

While.its hard to make you anything for certain, it does appear as though it may be a male inside the suit which would lead to the assumption that Daredevil: Born Again will feature Hector Ayala, the first character to take on the mantle of White Tiger in the comics.

Rumors that White Tiger would appear in Daredevil: Born Again date back to November 2022, though those rumors often proposed that a female had been cast in the role, leading fans to expect an appearance by Ava Ayala, Hector’s niece in the comics. Another rumor that surfaces recently indicated that the series was set to adapt the Marvel Comics The Trial of the Century arc in which Matt Murdock represented Hector Ayala who was on trial as White Tiger for murder. This, of course, lines up neatly both with what little is seen in the set video/photo and with Wilson Fisk’s anit-vigilante platform in hisayoral campaign.


Source: X

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