RUMOR: Marvel Studios’ Animated Series May Be Facing Troubles

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Marvel Studios has been on a roll as of late. They kicked off Phase 4 with their usual cinematic fanfare but also added some Diseny+ series to the mix. No matter where one stands on the matter, it’s not an easy undertaking, and has expanded Marvel Studios as a result as well. They absorbed Marvel TV and have started a big move in hiring many people to take over the new load. So, this isn’t something they weren’t preparing for in the first place.

Still, it seems that a rumor has been making the rounds in regard to Marvel Studios’ other major project, animation. While What If…? released last year, they have been actively working on various projects with a Marvel Zombies spin-off, a revival of the cult 90s X-Men: The Animated series in X-Men ’97, a Spider-Man series, and who knows what else is in the works. Yet, according to Geeks Worldwide’s KC Walsh, they may be facing some layoffs and are actively waiting for their release to greenlgiht future seasons.

For those that might be wondering if that isn’t the norm, animation takes a long time to develop and any wasted minute means that production will take even longer to keep the momentum up. Commonly they develop a season and are already working on the next when it starts airing. Yet, Marvel Studios may be taking cues from its previous experiences and trying to get a feeling that this project is even worth the investment.

On the one hand, it sucks that animation tends to get shafted first when there’s a need for saving money but there’s also the fact that they could use the time to focus more on their live-action ventures. Animation being treated as its own division may help keep that focus and take away the pressure from the bigger expectation set upon it as part of the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse.

Still, this is only a rumor for now and there’s also the fact that during San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios renewed most of their upcoming animated series. We haven’t seen any footage from Spider-Man: Freshman Year but they’ve already renewed it for a second s called Sophomore Year. The same goes for X-Men ’97 and What If…? is even getting a third season. So, we’ll have to see if more information comes to light on why they may be facing these troubles.

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