RUMOR: ‘She-Hulk’ May Include a ‘Fantastic Four’ Cameo

It looks like an old rumor may have gotten a second wind. DisInsider has shared some interesting details for the upcoming release of She-Hulk. While details on the series are still quite scarce outside of its main lead, it seems a member of the Fantastic Four could appear.

Now, keep in mind that we’ll have to take this with a grain of salt but it is interesting that this rumor has appeared in the pst. According to DisInsider’s Rumor of the Week, they have heard that The Thing may appear in the upcoming Disney+ series.

That is not all, as they also believe that Jason Segel, who many will remember for his time on How I Met Your Mother, is playing Ben Grimm. They do highlight they aren’t sure if this is connected to the upcoming Fantastic Four film or potentially the multiverse.

Either way, we’ll have to take it with a grain of salt and who knows if they’ll even introduce him as Ben Grimm or as the stone man himself. With the recent teases of mutants arriving, it’s surprising we haven’t gotten a Fantstic Four one yet so perhaps the time has come.

Source: YouTube

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