New ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ Set Photos Put [SPOILER] in Bullseye’s Crosshairs

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While the addition of Wilson Bethel to the cast of Daredevil: Born Again had fans of Marvel Television’s Daredevil excited, it also portended bad things for some of Matt Murdock’s closest friends. Plenty of set photos have emerged over the last few weeks, including some showing Matt, Karen and Foggy reunited and out on the town. Now, a new batch of set photos has popped up and might be the most spoilery yet. Proceed at your own risk.

After it was revealed last week that a local NYC venue was being converted into Josie’s Bar, set photos from February 5th showed Matt, Karen and Foggy headed into their favorite establishment. After what appears to be a little argument between Matt and Foggy, Matt departs leaving Foggy and Karen by themselves…and shortly thereafter, a masked gunman arrives and does what appears to be some considerable damage before being stopped by Daredevil, sporting a bright red costume.

While it’s a far cry from his classic comic book suit, the masked assassin is clearly Bullseye wearing a suit sort of inspired by comic book artist Marco Chechetto‘s more recent take on the character. Though there are no photos of the aftermath of the shooting, we’ll let you use your imagination as to why the psycho killer was there and how his actions might impact the rest of the show.

You can check out much higher-quality shots here at Just Jared.

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