Tom Hiddleston Debuts on Billboard Charts With His ‘Loki’ Song “Very Full”

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The various Marvel Studios Disney+ shows have offered some fantastic storytelling and even ventured out into new territory. WandaVision gave the world the classic Munsters-inspired song “Agatha All Along” that was such a popular hit it became Billboard Chart Hit with 3,000 downloads in its first week. Well, it seems Loki managed to do the same thing as Tom Hiddleston‘s song “Very Full” has made its debut at No. 10 on the World Digital Song Sales. Hiddleston sings the song in Norwegian with some English bits. The language doubles as Asgardian and made its debut in the third episode of the Disney+ series.


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Interestingly enough, the song was titled “Jeg Saler Min Ganger” in the end credits. It translates to “I Seal My Times,” but the title changed to “Very Full” with the release of the first volume’s soundtrack. Norwegian singer-songwriter Benedicte Mauseth and author Erlend Nødtvedt wrote the song for the show. Its success also makes it the first time Hiddleston enters the Billboard Charts.

As Billboard states, because the song is in Norwegian, it got classified for the World Digital Sales chart, which focuses on non-English and non-Spanish songs. It got downloaded around 500 times since its release. They embraced the cultural background in this song was a great move by the team behind Loki, as the Asgardians mostly spoke English throughout their appearances. Natalie Holt‘s soundtrack is generally a standout among the other Marvel Studios projects and adds an iconic atmosphere to the series. With the success of their songs, it makes you wonder if Marvel Studios might consider a musical series or film at some point.

If you want to revisit the song from the soundtrack, you can listen to it right here:

Source: Billboard (WV), Billboard (Loki), YouTube

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