New Details on Victoria Alonso’s Marvel Studios Exit Emerge

victoria alonso

To say Victoria Alonso suddenly leaving Marvel Studios was shocking is an understatement. She was a big part of the early days of the studio and while there are many stories making the rounds in regard to her handling of the Special Effects for various projects since she took over the role in 2019, it seems there’s a bit more to this story after all.

In a new report by The Hollywood Reporter, they unveil that a big part of her exit was due to her work on the film Argentina, 1985. She was among eight producers for the international product that is distributed by Amazon. Yet, it seems she has breached her contract even after she was warned about her involvement which ended up leading to her contract termination. The breach is part of her 2018 contract that wouldn’t allow employees to work for competing studios.

It seems she never asked for permission to get involved with Argentina, 1985. Though, IndieWire seemingly also reported that she had the okay on the project it’s uncertain how many elements are at play with veteran executives getting fired. It seems her Oscars appearance as a producer alongside director Santiago Mitre just added to the chaos.

It seems that being busy with this project also had her distracted from her VFX job which was also hurting her reputation with recent reactions to the effects in the latest Marvel films, which was a general struggle for the industry after the pandemic. So, with its head distracted, it becomes hard to find a balance.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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